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Hello there 👋I am a frontend architect.

For the past 10 years I have worked as a frontend developer with a UX/UI driven background and a user centered approach.

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I aim to create products that make users and clients happy. True care for quality and web standards is what has always motivated me, so I approach work through progressive enhancement.

I like simple solutions to complex problems.

Design and development

Even though I am an engineer, my mindset is that of a designer. I like to come up with simple and friendly ways for a user to achieve his goal. Good design I believe, is invisible.

This translates in frontend development to responsible responsive design. It’s not just about adapting to screen sizes, but also the browser, network conditions, usage context, accessibility and much more.

Technical skill set

I’m extremely fluent with both CSS and Javascript. I’m familiar with most of the tools of the ever growing web development stack. Be it runners, bundlers, containers, CI servers, cloud providers, content management systems or CDNs.

With some background on back-end development, I have experience with C#, PHP, Java and C/C++. I can pickup most languages or library quickly. I’ve also worked with plenty of RESTful APIs along the way.

Well documented APIs are to backend what styleguides are to frontend.

Looking in the future

Web performance is one of my core belief. I find performance budgets to be key for a good frontend architecture. I understand the waterfall, how browser requests work and how to optimize the above-the-fold content, with caching, conditional loading and assets optimization

JavaScript new trends are something I follow closely. I am able to keep up thanks to a myriad of web feeds that I’ll gladly share. I like diving deep into established framework and learn more about the underlining concepts.

Curriculum Vitae

Want a more formal about me or something to print and read at night, check me out on Linkedin.