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Selling our home

Selling our home

Moving away from a beloved place is never easy. This website made it easier for us.

Back in January we decided to go on with the original plan of crossing Canada. But before we could check it off the list we had a bit of a situation with our house furniture. Two years of compulsive buying on Marketplace had left a big pile of stuff in our home.

Fortunately for us we had a big network, through both of our jobs, and a bunch of friends that where willing to take on some of it. The only thing missing was a way for everyone to buy our stuff.

The product page with item marked as sold out
The missing piece of the puzzle

We could have posted adds for everything we were willing to part with, but where’s the fun in that?

Hence was born.

The home page with a question shown
Using Netlify Form API on the home page

This website is build with 11ty and served by Netlify. It uses global data files for the list of articles and a custom email for managing the buyers.

It seems like it worked out quite well since we sold 95% of our stuff 😂.

Thanks to Floriane for the design work and the custom icons.


We did make it all the way to the Canadian Rockies if you were wondering.

A man on a mountain jumping

Code available on Github and website visible here.