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Swym social network

Swym social network

A bold enterprise social network

Imagine an organization that is completely digitally connected.

During my stay at Dassault Systèmes, I was asked to participate in the development of an in-house enterprise social network. The goal was to start small then expand to other companies.

It seemed a good idea at the time, Facebook was racking up users by the millions and so everybody in the corporate world wanted a slice of the cake. Companies like Yammer, Jive, Chatter, IBM or Microsoft jumped on the bandwagon and so we did too.

But of course, all this was before the enterprise world realized that the best tool for the job was the one people where already using.

Nonetheless we went on and built our own little social platform. It was called Swym and it worked quite well.

Instead of being user centric like our competitors, we leaned towards communities. A user would join a number of communities and interact with them through posts, images, wikis, questions or 3D contents.

Website showing the news feed as a list of posts with text and images
A community news feed

All the communities he belonged to would be part of his news feed. He was then able to drill down inside any specific community.

Website showing a community homepage as a list of posts with images
A community home page


Swym featured:

  • Aggregated news feed
  • A notification system
  • A rich text editor (3d, image, videos, questions)
  • Personal customizable spaces
  • A site builder interface
  • A per organization approach


Swym was built using Java for backend, a little bit of Node.js for the notification systems and a lot of Javascript on the front-end. It was mostly a Single Page Application (SPA) built with an in-house javascript framework.

Many teams were involved throughout the journey and it was a fun project to be part of.